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Cristalmina donates 2,000€ to the “Pharmaceutical Bank” NGO


Cristalmina donates 2,000€ to the “Pharmaceutical Bank” NGO

This contribution completes the delivery of the products obtained during the Sixth Medicine Collection Day held simultaneously on February 9th in Barcelona, Madrid, Girona, Seville, Tarragona and Lleida.

The objective was to cover the medicine requirements of people at risk of poverty and social exclusion throughout Spain.

In this case, the Cristalmina donation will reach users of the following social care organisations: SAPS Creu Roja, Sta Lluisa Marillach, Llar Betània, Fundació Busquets.

The “Pharmaceutical Bank” NGO has been operating for five years to provide our country’s social care organisations with all the medicines they need. In 2013, thanks to the help of 535 volunteers and the collaboration of 309 pharmacies, it obtained double the amount of medicines than in previous editions of Medicine Collection Day, totalling 16,658 with a value of 60,283€. They will reach 80 organisations from all over Spain that care for more than 90,000 people at risk of social exclusion and poverty.

More demand because of the crisis

Even so, clearly as a result of the economic crisis, many more associations have asked Pharmaceutical Bank for help, 80 instead of 50. Therefore, the number of medicines demanded has also increased, from 21,312 to 39,452.

To help to cover part of these needs, Cristalmina has made several donations to Pharmaceutical bank, in order to make an extra contribution of medicines and thus help to care for the users of four social care organisations that regularly work with Pharmaceutical Bank: SAPS Creu Roja, Sta Lluisa Marillach, Llar Betània and Fundació Busquets, all of them caring for people without resources at risk of social exclusion.

Every photo counts

This is the name of Pharmaceutical Bank’s Facebook campaign with which Cristalmina and Laboratorios Salvat undertook to donate 0.50€ for every photo uploaded during the sixth Medicine Collection Day.

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