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Probiotics make a positive contribution to our digestive health


SALVAT Symposium on Digestive Health at UCAM

Eva Pareras “Probiotics make a positive contribution to our digestive health”
Salvat Biotech’s Scientific Adviser for Medical Affairs was at Universidad Católica San Antonio today giving a talk on “Probiotics and Digestive Health

Murcia, 04/05/2012
“Probiotics make a positive contribution to our digestive health”, according to Laboratorios Salvat Biotech’s Scientific Adviser for Medical Affairs, Eva Pareras, speaking this afternoon at Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM) [San Antonio Catholic University, Murcia]. The expert was giving a lecture on Probiotics and Digestive Health, as part of the Salvat Symposium on Digestive Health organised by the UCAM-Laboratorios Salvat Chair of Nutrition and Biotechnology. The symposium also included a STEP session, a prize draw among the students for an iPad 3, and a healthy-cooking workshop run by the Cartagena Catering School, in which a large number of the university’s Nutrition and Food Technology degree students took part.

Eva Pareras talked about the fact that particular factors such as age, lack of a balanced diet, stress, the use of antibiotics and the fast pace of life in general typical of Western society have negative effects on the digestive health of millions of men, women and children. She then went on to highlight the benefits provided by the addition of Probiotics, live microorganisms which remain active in the intestine, in terms of restoring the balance of the bacterial flora in the intestine, reinforcing the immune system and regaining Digestive Health.
“Consumers in general are not very aware of Probiotics. At Salvat Biotech, however, we have found that patients suffering from serious disorders like Irritable Bowel Syndrome investigate the subject in depth. They find out about all the latest advances and have become a great source of ideas for us”, she maintained.

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