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SALVAT collaborates with the NGDO Asociación de Cooperación Fallou


SALVAT collaborates with the NGDO Asociación de Cooperación Fallou

Since 2011, Laboratorios SALVAT has been collaborating with Asociación de Cooperación Fallou, a non-profit non-governmental development organisation established in Barcelona in 2007 engaged in Active Cooperation for the Autonomous Development of the most vulnerable areas of Senegal.

For the second consecutive year, SALVAT has shown its commitment to this social cause by donating medicines, including Malacur, a medicinal product by SALVAT for the treatment of malaria.

About Malacur

Malacur is an ACT that has been marketed by SALVAT in Africa since 2008 for the treatment of malaria, a potentially curable disease that is responsible for a million deaths annually around the world. Of these, 90% occur in Sub-Saharan Africa and primarily affect children under 5 years of age. The combination of dihydroartemisinin and piperaquine phosphate in Malacur has been recommended by the WHO since 2010 as the treatment of choice for malaria.

Asociación de Cooperación Fallou

Established in 2007 by Spanish physicians, the NGDO Asociación de Cooperación Fallou started in Africa with various expeditions to Senegal to build the Fallou Camp in the village of Ballacounda and aid is inhabitants in sustainable development.

With this action, SALVAT has once more contributed to the health of people in Africa, and this time in particular, to the village of Ballacounda in south-eastern Senegal, whose people thanked our efforts with this lovely photo.


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