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SALVAT launches Nutira Forte Caps


Special for people with moderate to severe lactose intolerance

SALVAT launches a new Nutira with a double dose of lactase in gastro-resistant capsules

With the new Nutira® Forte Caps, designed for people with moderate to severe lactose intolerance, SALVAT covers the entire spectrum of people who do not digest milk and its many derivatives properly. This new Nutira® contains 9,000 FCC (Food Chemical Codex) per dose, exactly double the amount of its “big sister” in this range, Nutira® Masticable (4,500 FCC). Also, to optimally increase its effectiveness in severe cases of lactose intolerance, Laboratorios SALVAT has designed its new product –the only one of its kind in our country– with a special type of capsule based on gastro-resistant technology, preventing enzyme content from degrading in the stomach and guaranteeing that practically all of it reaches the small intestine, where it effectively metabolises milk sugar.

The lactase enzyme units contained in the products in the Nutira (Forte or Masticable) range make up for the body’s deficit and help to break down and fully digest the lactose in food without subsequent intolerance symptoms: diarrhoea, flatulence or abdominal pain. These symptoms can occur not only after ingesting milk products –with a high lactose content–, but also any other product that contains lactose in its composition, including many medicinal products, bread, cakes, industrial pastries, biscuits, chocolate substitutes, cold cuts, spaghetti carbonara, creams, purées…

Many digestive problems are due to the progressive loss of intestinal lactase, a natural process that increases with age. Another quite common cause is lactase deficit due to a congenital metabolic disorder that affects 13% of the paediatric population. With intestinal lactase deficiency, which affects 34% of the population, lactose cannot be converted into the two monosaccharides in its composition, glucose and galactose, so it is not absorbed and reaches the large intestine, where it attracts water and, when fermented by the intestinal flora, produces gas. This intestinal dysfunction generates symptoms in 14% of the population, including diarrhoea, flatulence and abdominal pain, a few minutes after ingesting a product with lactose.

Nutira Forte Caps and Nutira Masticable enable people to enjoy a meal with the certainty that there will be no subsequent discomfort. Thanks to Nutira range products, lactose intolerant people no longer have to give up the essential nutrients that milk products provide, such as calcium, milk proteins, vitamin D and riboflavin.

Specialists recommend a 4,500 or 9,000 FCC dose of lactase, depending on the degree of intolerance, just before ingesting a product that contains, or might contain, lactose.

Nutira Forte Caps (lactase: 9,000 FCC) is presented in cartons of 30 gastro-resistant capsules and it has been available in pharmacies since mid-October 2012.

Nutira Masticable (lactase: 4,000 FCC) is presented in cartons of 28 chewable tablets, and it is recommended for people with lactose intolerance who present mild to moderate symptoms.


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