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SALVAT launches Nutira ConFort


After the success of Nutira Masticable for lactose intolerance

SALVAT launches a new enzyme complex for indigestion

The new Nutira ConFort combines four digestive enzymes that facilitate the digestion of fats, proteins, hydrates and milk sugars, the main substances contained in normal foodstuffs. Deficits of these enzymes are one of the most common causes of indigestion and bloating, even after light meals.  

The gastro-resistant capsules used by SALVAT in this new enzyme complex are one of its main advantages. This technology prevents the enzymes in each dose from being destroyed by gastric acids as they pass through the stomach, so they reach the intestine practically unaltered and can effectively perform their breakdown function. Unlike other products with enzymes in their composition, Nutira ConFort does not use materials of animal origin (porcine pancreatin) but prefers 100% vegetable sources for its ingredients. The pharmacological quality controls to which Nutira ConFort is periodically subjected guarantee that each capsule contains the established quantities of each of the four enzymes, measured according to the coding standards used by the European Medicines Agency (FCC or Food Chemical Codex).

Most of the food that we eat today has been subject to industrial processes (specific cooking processes, pasteurisation, irradiation for raw consumption, etc.) so that it can be stored for as long as possible in the best hygienic conditions. The advantages of the new food technologies, however, have the disadvantage that they destroy the considerable enzyme load that many unprocessed foodstuffs contain. In turn, a sedentary lifestyle, replacement of traditional by other imported diets, new mealtimes or generalised stress cause a serious imbalance in organic enzyme production which, added to the food technology factor, has generated a considerable increase on digestion-related discomfort, problems or illnesses.

The Nutira range has been designed by Laboratorios SALVAT’s medical and pharmaceutical experts to minimise the impact of increasingly common digestive disorders such as lactose intolerance or enzyme deficiency-induced malabsorption. A bloated sensation, abdominal pain and the repeated and transient onset of bowel movement disorders after meals can indicate an enzyme deficit. People who present these symptoms after ingesting milk products or products containing lactose (milk or yoghourt, pasta, pizza, industrial pastries and other convenience foods, ice cream, milk shakes, creams, cheese or cold cuts and also many medicinal products, etc.) could have or be developing lactose intolerance. If these symptoms are present it is always advisable to seek medical advice. SALVAT products from the Nutira range (Nutira Masticables o Nutira ConFort) can be useful in both cases.

Nutira ConFort, Digestive enzyme complex, contains 30 gastro-resistant capsules. A dose (one capsule) is recommended just before the main meals, especially if they are plentiful. Nutira Masticable, lactase 4.500 FCC, contains 28 chewable tablets and is designed for people with mild to moderate lactose intolerance. A dose (one chewable tablet) is recommended just before ingesting a milk product or a product that could contain lactose.




Sergi Arola, Chef of the two stars Michelin "Sergi Arola Gastro" restaurant in Madrid, recommends Nutira ConFort.

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