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SALVAT launches Audiovit


Laboratorios SALVAT is pleased to present Audiovit®, a new, powerful antioxidant compound that favours auditory function.

A new formulation with melatonin has been launched on the market to combat tinnitus or hypoacusia

According to recent epidemiological data, more than 6 million people in Spain live with the uncomfortable sensation of buzzing in their ears, and in most cases it cannot be cured or even mitigated.

Audiovit® can significantly improve the quality of life of these cases, as it helps to reduce the intensity of the problem thanks to the effect of a powerful combination of clinically approved antioxidants. They include melatonin, which in recent studies has been shown to interfere with the cytotoxic mechanisms that lead to the death of ciliate cells in the middle ear and ultimately give rise to both tinnitus and some hearing loss.

Audiovit® combines magnesium, GbE (Ginkgo biloba extract) and melatonin, which combat the oxidation processes that damage ciliate (auditory) cells and cause buzzing in the ears (that is, tinnitus) and other auditory deficits such as presbycusis (age-related hearing loss) or noise-induced hypoacusia.

As well as people with tinnitus, those with chronic hearing deficits (hypoacusia) or who are persistently exposed to 85 decibels or more of noise (equivalent to the acoustic contamination caused by traffic in a large city), can benefit from the antioxidant and middle ear protection properties of Audiovit®.

Studies started over ten years ago in relation to the antioxidant effect of some substances on the ear’s ciliate cells. They were based on finding compounds to counteract ROS (reactive oxygen species) production, neutralise excess intra-cell calcium production and increase blood perfusion and nutrient supply to the cells of the middle ear. According to the studies, these organic functions are performed by the ingredients in the new product, Audiovit®.

Antioxidant and regulating activities of magnesium and Ginkgo biloba

The dose of magnesium contained in Audiovit® reduces the flow of extra-cellular calcium to inside the cell, free radical formation and the cell vasoconstriction associated with exposure to noise, thereby preventing apoptosis or cell death.

According to Eckert A. et al. (2005), Gingko biloba extract (GbE) protects the energy centres of the ciliate cell (mitochondria) from oxidative stress and improves its performance, thus attenuating the damage to cochlear cells subject to increased energy demand or reduced perfusion. This important evidence related to GbE, its great tolerability and the fact that it has practically no side effects mean that this antioxidant is a promising therapeutic alternative for patients with tinnitus.

Double role played by melatonin in the therapeutic approach to tinnitus

The effect of melatonin is added to this already interesting combination of GbE and magnesium. Recent scientific evidence (Bas et al., 2009; Ye et al., 2009; or Paradies et al., 2010, etc.) shows that this synthetic neurohormone is a powerful free radical scavenger, reducing their activity and neutralising the enzymes that produce them; it also strengthens the membranes that protect the mitochondria, the core of all cells.

Melatonin also increases perceived quality of life in people who find it difficult to sleep or rest because of tinnitus, as it is a sleep and rest regulator.

Audiovit®, the first product of its category in Spain, is presented in packs of 30 capsules for monthly treatment at a rate of one capsule per day at bed time.

Audiovit® has been available in pharmacies since early September.

Although this product is very safe, and can therefore be purchased over the counter, the manufacturer recommends that you seek advice from a healthcare professional (a specialist, a GP or your pharmacist). The website provides more information, or you can call customer service on free phone + 34 900 80 50 80.

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