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SALVAT launches Pruritane


Laboratorios SALVAT, S.A. presents the first product for itchy ear relief.

Formulated with 4 essential oils, Pruritane® moisturises and relieves itching in the external auditory canal (EAC), providing a solution for ear eczema.

Its composition includes: rosa moschata oil, with a skin moisturising and regenerative effect; Boswellia serrata extract, with a calming effect; rosemary leaf oil, with a healing effect; and olive oil, with an anti-inflammatory effect.

Itching in the EAC is the main symptom of ear eczema which, together with scaling, dryness and redness, makes many people visit ENT clinics without obtaining a long-lasting, definitive solution.  

When itching and scaling are significant, treatment usually involves a few days of topical corticosteroids. At the end of the corticosteroid treatment, it is advisable to use non-aqueous moisturising substances such as, for instance, emulsions based on essential oils, in order to prevent or delay further episodes of eczema.

There is currently no cream specifically formulated for the treatment of EAC eczema. Laboratorios SALVAT S.A. has therefore launched an innovative product in the ENT field, with the name of Pruritane®.

What is Pruritane?

Pruritane® is an oily formula with a high percentage of essential oils: extract of olive oil, of rosemary, of Boswellia serrata and of rosa moschata, and also vitamin E.

Thanks to its composition, Pruritane® moisturises the skin of the external auditory canal, helping to keep it in a good condition and reducing dryness, itching and scaling. 

Pruritane® is especially formulated to moisturise and favour the repair of the skin in the EAC.

Pruritane® comes in an application tube with 15 ml of product; it is used by inserting the tube's cannula in the ear canal and applying a small amount of product. It is advisable to spread it throughout the ear canal by gently massaging the outer ear, and using one or two applications per day for as long as your doctor recommends.

Laboratorios SALVAT, S.A.  is a pioneer in providing solutions in the ENT field.  It is preceded by well-known and commonly used products such as Cetraxal ear drops, the first choice in the treatment of otitis externa; and Audiovit, which has become an ally of all medical professionals with patients with tinnitus and hypoacusia.

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