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Laboratorios SALVAT committed to the environment

Laboratorios SALVAT committed to the environment

Laboratorios SALVAT is committed to the environment, and shows that commitment by means of sustainable activities that foster environmental protection and respect. The protection of the environment is a must for SALVAT. Caring for people certainly involves such a commitment.

The company has a firm environmental policy that it applies with specific activities in different environmental areas, such as:

Zero paper policy: SALVAT has eliminated all processes related to publishing leaflets and catalogues on paper by improving its communications via tablet. With this innovative initiative, SALVAT sales representatives visit doctors using this audio visual tool, with no paper brochures, making their visits more sustainable.

Recycling: Selective collection of similar to urban waste and industrial waste management according to a minimisation plan. As a company which packages pharmaceutical products, it is responsible for the containers that it markets, and has therefore always been a member of the SIGRE integrated container management and collection system. To the extent permitted by law, SALVAT collaborates with non-governmental organisations that are authorised for the classification and Management of Industrial, Computing and Healthcare Waste.

Energy, water and resource savings: SALVAT constantly improves its facilities in order to minimise energy consumption and to make it a company with minimal impact on the CO2 footprint.

Minimisation of atmospheric emissions: Noise, particles and combustion gases. In this respect, SALVAT is firmly in favour of using more sustainable fuel, switching from fuel oil to natural gas.


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